Monday, February 16, 2009


The term wolfing your waves as I defined in "Wave Definitions" is growing your hair out past being easily managed. So a minimum wolf is about 4 weeks. Many wavers go up to 10 weeks or so. I have heard of a waver(a white waver) going for 22 weeks. To get the most out of your wolfing, you must brush and brush while wolfing. A lot of brushing during wolfing will turn out to be deeper and better connected waves when you get the cut after your wolf.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see my waves very well, what's going on?
-Well this is from all that hair being on top of your waves and it will seem that they aren't looking as DEFINED as they were before you were wolfing but when you are done wolfing and get that cut, they will be deeper and better connected if you brushed efficiently.

Do I have to wolf to get 360 waves??
-No, a lot of wavers don't wolf and they still have full 360s. BUT, wolfing is the way to get Deeper 360 Waves.

What brush should I use while wolfing?
-Well depending on what week you are on while wolfing decides this question. If a medium brush will move your hair efficiently then use it. But if it can't, then use the harder brush.

When your hair is out of control and too hard to handle(hard to brush and keep laid down) then you definitely need a haircut.


Anonymous said...

ive been wolfin 4wks its still layed down should i get a cut

Anonymous said...

No bruh

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